Is Mexico ready to reopen amid the pandemic?

Governors argue the federal government hasn’t collaborated with them

Is Mexico ready to reopen amid the pandemic?
In Mexico, several industries will resume activities on June 1 or June 15 - Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
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The source of infection was China, then COVID-19 spread throughout the Middle East, Europe, North America, and America, which has become the new virus epicenter. America has become the most affected continent, it has registered more infections and deaths in Asia and Europe.
Amid the alarming situation, the Pan-American Health Organization told Mexico to get ready to face a large number of cases, which contradicts what Mexican health authorities previous said: that the country has reached its peak in contagions and that restrictions will be lifted soon, perhaps because the private sector has pressured the government. However, these measures generate confusion among the population, as they were told that things will start to go back to normal on June 1. 
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With the risk of more contagions and a new outbreak during the influenza season in the upcoming months, resuming economic activities must be a consensual decision, not an imposition dictated by the federal government, especially since each state has specific characteristics and many are not ready to resume their activities. Therefore, the best would be for each state to decide when will it reopen.  
Governors asked the federal government not to send contradictory messages, such as the end of physical distancing measures when the country is experiencing an increase in coronavirus-related deaths and contagions, instead, they asked the government to tell people to stay home. Governors have also asked to meet and discuss and evaluate the situation in the country and decide if this is the right time to relax physical distancing measures. 
The Conago claims that there hasn’t been much collaboration between state and federal governments, which is regrettable amid a public health crisis, as well as during an economic and security crisis. Therefore, it would be wise for Mexico to adopt a more efficient mechanism to resume activities, which prevents confusion and guarantees that no premature decisions are made. 
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