Mexico to launch robots to the Moon!

“A set of small self-organized robots will mount structures on the lunar surface"

The Moon – Photo: File Photo/ EL UNIVERSAL
English 14/12/2017 18:20 Notimex Mexico City Actualizada 11:11
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Gustavo Medina Tanco, Head of the Space Instrumentation Laboratory (LINX) at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the UNAM, said that Mexico will send robots to the Moon in 2019.

Medina Tanco disclosed that equipment designed and built by LINX will send to the Earth's satellite.

"Eight robots will be launched to the Moon and they are expected to land in different parts of the lunar surface after their ejection the mission will begin and they will work together to build a solar panel," he said.

“A set of small self-organized robots will mount structures on the lunar surface, overcoming atmospheric adversities," he revealed in the Forum Advisory Scientific and Technological (FCCyT).

The project, called Autonomous Assembly of Structures on the Lunar Surface, is supported by Astrobotic Technology (an American company that develops space robotics technology for planetary missions) and financed with Sectoral Funds of Mexico's National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), thus Mexico could be the first Latin American country to conquer the Moon according to the expert.

Medina Tanco assured that even though other countries have much more experience in the field of artificial intelligence, Mexico has found an area of opportunity for the exploration of the Moon and the Universe.

He emphasized that the robots that Mexico is developing have a series of advantages such as a simple design, low cost, and a minimum power consumption.


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