Mexico: Italian ship is attacked by pirates

In recent years, pirate attacks have increased in the area

Mexico: Italian ship is attacked by pirates
The Italian vessel was attacked by at least 8 thieves - Photo: File Photo/EFE
English 13/11/2019 12:35 Reuters Mexico City Lizbeth Diaz, Marianna Parraga, Ana Isabel Martinez Actualizada 12:35
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On Tuesday, Mexican pirates attacked an Italian ship that was sailing in the southern Gulf of Mexico, injuring two crew members, in the latest robbery and piracy incident to hit oil platforms in the area.

One of the crew members aboard the Italian offshore supply vessel, “Remas,” received a bullet wound, and the other suffered a concussion. Both were transferred to a nearby hospital.

Did you know Pemex platforms are targeted by organized crime?

It was reported that around 8 armed pirates arrived in two small ships and broke into the vessel, robbing and attacking the crew.

When the attack took place, there were around 35 crew members aboard and it was located in Ciudad del Carmen, in the state of Campeche.

The ship is owned by Italian offshore contractor Micoperi and it works as a supply vessel for the Mexican oil industry.

Fuel thieves raid Pemex oil platforms

Pemex, Mexico's state-owned oil firm, said robberies have been affecting its oil infrastructure for quite some time. It's been also revealed that crews have been robbed and sophisticated equipment has been stolen and resold.


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