Mexico doesn't have a digital strategy

Why isn't Mexico focusing and investing on technology?

Mexico doesn't have a digital strategy
In many rural and marginalized areas, people still don't have access to technology and internet - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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No government can expect an accelerated and consistent social development if it doesn't rely on technology to generate wellness and facilitate everyday life.

Will procedures become digital? How will technology be used in education? How will technology be used in hospitals and in the relationship between patient and doctor? How will marginalized communities join the technological wave?

These questions and many others should be included in any government's plan but the current administration lacks a defined strategy in relation to this.

EL UNIVERSAL asked the office of the National Digital Strategy for its “strategy or public policies for digital matters for 2019-2014.” The answer was: “At the moment, we don't have the documents requested. The strategy will be generated by drawing from the National Development Plan.”

The plan was published in the Official Gazette on July 12, 2019, doesn't mention a national digital strategy. The only reference is extending the internet coverage in the country, contained in two sentences: “Through the installation of wireless internet throughout the country, people will have access to the internet in roads, public squares, health centers, hospitals, schools, and community spaces. It will be essential to fight marginalization and poverty and for the integration of the depressed areas to productive activities.”

On its website, the National Digital Strategy acknowledges that “technology and innovation contribute to reaching the great development goals for the country” but until Sunday, the website still lacked more information. Firstly, the country has already wasted 11 months, during which it could have made progress in this area if it had a solid plan.

Therefore, there are shortages in the use of technology in Mexico. Several countries in the region have surpassed us: according to the Inter-American Development Bank, less than 4% of procedures are completely digital and 10% are completely or partially digital, therefore, Mexico is behind Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

The country can't allow itself to lag behind in this sector, not the unequal access to the digital world. Mexico needs to leave lethargy behind and implement more actions. The world is moving towards that direction and Mexico can't stay behind.


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