Mexican brings Coetzee novel into life

Olga Segura, a Mexican producer and actress, is working on the film based on the novel written by the South African author

Mexican to produce film adaptation of Waiting For The Barbarians
Left: John Maxwell Coetzee – Photo: Jerry Bauer/AFP/Right: Olga Segura – Photo: Juan Boites/EL UNIVERSAL
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Waiting for the Barbarians was written by John Maxwell Coetzee almost 40 years ago and now it will be adapted into a film.

The novel deals with colonization, discrimination, and power and tells the story of how colonizers brutally murder and torture natives in an imaginary land, similar to former African colonies, especially South Africa.

The film, which stars Johnny Depp, was produced by Olga Segura, who is Mexican.

In the film, Johny Depp plays a brutal imperialist who tortures the natives, while Mark Rylance plays a recovering-imperialist who realizes the pain and suffering colonizers brought into the lives of the natives.

Waiting for the Barbarians was directed by Ciro Guerra and was produced by Olga Segura and Michael Fitzgerald.

Roberts Pattinson and Harry Melling are also part of the cast.

The film will be released in 2020.



Grateful for our “Waiting for the Barbarians” family Director : #CiroGuerra DP: #ChrisMenges

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Segura said that “actors want good stories. Watching them during the shooting was incredible: noticing the chemistry between Depp, Mark, and Ciro was like, now what do I do to maintain that level as a producer? And well, it's about looking for projects that inspire me and attract talent and actors of that level.”

Next week, Olga, who has worked in several major films, is launching a project that looks to empower women, along with Karla Souza, Zuria Vega, and Cecilia Suárez.