Mexican athlete Martín Loera was killed in Ciudad Juárez
Martín Alejandro Loera was an outstanding Mexican athlete and multi-medalist - Photo: Taken from Martín Loera's Faceboo account

Mexican athlete Martín Loera was killed in Ciudad Juárez

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The runner was shot dead while he was in a shopping mall in Ciudad Juárez

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Martín Alejandro Loera, an outstanding Mexican athlete and multi-medalist was murdered in Chihuahua.

The runner was shot dead while he was in a shopping mall in Ciudad Juárez. Authorities have yet to say whether it was a direct attack or an accident.

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Loera represented Chihuahua state at the regional and national levels at the Youth Olympiad.

His specialty was speed tests of 100, 200, and 400 flat meters and he was getting ready for the 2020 State Universiad.

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The Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (UACJ) released a statement saying they “mourn the death of our student and outstanding athlete Martín Alejandro Loera Trujillo. A sensitive loss for his family and those who are part of this University.”

Headmaster Juan Ignacio Camargo Nassar demanded authorities to investigate and punish those who committed the homicide.

“The members of this University share the pain of the Loera Trujillo Family. The UACJ demands more security for people in Ciudad Juárez and particularly for the youths who are part of this community,” he said.

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After the death of Martín Loera, a Mexican athlete who participated in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and who was looking to classify to Tokyo 2020, several former athletes, congresspeople, and the Mexican Olympic Committee condemned the criminal act.

“The Mexican Olympic family laments the decease of athlete Martín Loera, who participated in the JOJ Buenos Aires 2018 and student of the UACJ, murdered yesterday in Ciudad Juárez. We condemn this kind of violent act,” said the Mexican Olympic Committee on Twitter.

Ernesto D’Alessio, president of the Sports Commission in the Lower House, lamented the event and asked for the investigation on the decease of the young athlete.

The investigation on the murder of Martín Loera has begun to show details on the reasons and ways in which the crime took place.

Reports from El Diario de Juárez show that the 18-years-old athlete had a sports scholarship and this was the object of a dispute that ended in his death.

According to local prosecutors, moments before being murdered, Loera had withdrawn MXN $50,000 from Santander bank, a situation proven by witnesses of the crime since security cameras did not record the events.

Witnesses revealed Loera resisted the robbery which made the criminal shoot his firearm while he threatened witnesses to scare them away.

The UACJ paid homage to Martín Loera who was one of the most promising students and urged justice to find those accountable for ending with the life of the young promise.

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