Mexican artisans to protect their heritage from international brands

Mexicans artisans are finally going to be legally protected against brands like Mango and Nestlé

Mexican artisans to protect their heritage from international brands
Mexican artisan displays her original designs – Photo: Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Development Secretariat, through the Social Participation and Artisan Promotion Sub-secretariat, assigned MXN $2 million for 603 artisans to create a collective brand, after the continuous plagiarism of their traditional embroideries known as Tenangos.

Kenia Montiel Pimentel, the sub-secretary, said that they are looking to protect the artisan's property through a registering a brand, that's why they were given MXN $25,000 per person so that they create the legal figure that is most convenient to them.

She highlighted that it can be done through an anonymous society and that way they would have the legal resources against any wrongful use of their designs.

She emphasized that protecting the brand and continuing with their fiscal identity is fundamental, which are requirements requested by the SAT to legally protect themselves.

The official considered that the brand will be ready in a month and that it will help them to avoid plagiarism by brands such as Mango.

In Hidalgo, Montiel Pimentel said that the Tenango embroideries are made in 40 municipalities and that there are around 8, 100 artisans who make them, many of whom have been affected by plagiarism.


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