Mexican archeologist discovers Renaissance shipwreck

Due to its preservation grade, it has a very high archeological and historical value

Mexican archeologist discovers Renaissance shipwreck
Cutting-edge submarine robotics was used for the project – Photo: Taken from the University of Southampton website
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A group of archeologists, headed by the Mexican expert Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz, discovered in the Baltic Sea the remains of a ship dating from the 15th or the 16th century, time in which historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci lived.

The details of the discovery were revealed by the University of Southampton through a press release. The report said that the wreck was sunken for approximately 500 years; cutting-edge submarine robotics was used for the project.

The vessel is considered the best preserved shipwreck discovered from its period in recent times. The Swedish Maritime Administration located the wreck for the first time in 2009, but it was until the beginning of the current year that specialists of the MMT noticed its archeological and historical value.

Dr. Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz of the University of Southampton, who has worked with the Institute of Anthropological Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), said that the ship is from the times of Columbus and Da Vinci, even though it has a remarkable grade of preservation taking into account that it has spent 5 centuries under the sea.

He added that due to the cold brackish waters of the Baltic sea it would seem that the shipwreck had happened yesterday, in addition to the main deck having a tender boat used for the transportation of the crew to and from the ship. “It is a really amazing view,” he added.

The ship does not only amaze for its state of preservation but also because it is previous to the big vessels used in the Seven Year’s War of the North, time that defined the path of modernization of Scandinavian countries.

The structure of the hull of the ship is well preserved from the keel to the upper deck and all its masts and some elements of the rig.


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