Mexican actor Pablo Lyle ordered to stay in Miami

Last week, Lyle’s lawyers requested permission for the Mexican actor to travel to Mexico while an appeal on his trial is solved

Mexican actor Pablo Lyle ordered to stay in Miami
Currently, Lyle is under house arrest - Photo: Giorgio Viera/EFE
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Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, who is under house arrest in Miami since April 2019 for being accused of involuntary manslaughter of a man he punched in a traffic dispute, was not authorized to travel to Mexico as his lawyers requested last week.

Judge Marlene Fernández-Karavetsos informed in a hearing that took place this Wednesday in Miami that she denied the request, so Lyle, who is 33 years old and is known for acting in soap operas, will continue his arrest while the process previous to the trial goes on.

On January 15, Lyle’s lawyers, Bruce Lehr and Phillip Reizenstein, had requested the judge permission for the actor to travel to Mexico while an appeal to a decision that did not grant the application of a self-defense principle of a controversial Florida law is solved.

Did you know Pablo Lyle asked to be allowed to travel to Mexico?

The judge summoned a new hearing for March 30 when most probably the result of the appeal will be presented before a court of the Third District Court of Appeals in Miami.

In their request to the judge to grant Lyle permission to travel, the lawyers had argued that after the March 31, 2019 incident in which Lyle punched the 63-years-old Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández, the actor was in Mexico and came back as promised to the judge who allowed him to travel back then.

Hernández died in a hospital four days after being punched by Lylem which aggravated the case for the actor who is under house arrest in Miami with an electronic shackle and without a passport since April 9, 2019.

Did you know Pablo Lyle is facing a trial on manslaughter?

The prosecutors said the permission to travel should not be granted for the possible risk of him not coming back.

Last March 31, Lyle was on his way to the Miami airport with his son in a vehicle driven by his brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino, when they got across the car driven by Hernández.

In a traffic light, the Cuban went off his vehicle to reprimand Delfino for a maneuver he had made.

Did you know Mexican actor Pablo Lyle wants his case dismissed?

Amidst the fight, Lyle got out of the car and punched Hernández who, according to video recorded by surveillance cameras of a nearby gas station, immediately fell down.

The 63-years old died four days later in a hospital.

A forensic report of the Miami-Dade County revealed that Hernández died from “complications for blunt trauma in the head” and wrote down “homicide” as a possible cause of death.

The actor, married to Ana Araújo, with whom he has a son, was arrested on March 31 soon after the incident and was first under parole with a USD $5,000 bail.

After Hernández’s death, Lyle was accused of involuntary manslaughter and put under house arrest.

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