16 | OCT | 2019
Guadalupe “Lupillo” Acosta, leader of the Galilean movement – Photo: Roberto Armocida/EL UNIVERSAL

Is Lupillo Acosta with AMLO?

Mexico City
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Is Lupillo Acosta with AMLO?

One of the makers of the so-called Front – advisor to Ricardo Anaya in how to fight with news outlets – is about to abandon ship to ride the wave of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). We're told that Guadalupe “Lupillo” Acosta, leader of the Galilean Movement, has been in touch with people close to the aspiring presidential candidate of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), given the little chance he's found at the PAN-PRD-MC coalition to earn positions for those close to him. The crux of the matter? We're told that Mr. Lupillo's demands have been ignored regarding candidacies for public offices. Acosta has already contacted some MORENA members and has already gotten some people in Oaxaca, the State of Mexico, and Querétaro. In truth, were he to march under the MORENA banner, it would be a terrible blow for the Anaya supporters. Ooops!

The fake announcement of Córdova

Someone at the National Electoral Institute (INE) deceived the president of the Institute. Yesterday, Lorenzo Córdova claimed that the Memorandum of Cooperation between Facebook and the INE includes the identification of “news promoted to counterattack inaccurate information with accurate one.” The Memorandum – which according to Mr. Lorenzo isn't a secret but that both parties agreed to make confidential – doesn't mention fake news anywhere in its seven clauses. What it does say is that the INE will provide real-time information to Facebook and spaces for the staff of the social network at the INE's office, since the multinational corporation “has the intention – yet not the obligation – of making available some of their citizen participation products in their platform for Mexican users,” no more and no less than that. Perhaps someone at the INE told Mr. Lorenzo that a mega agreement had been signed to fight fake news with Facebook and Mr. Lorenzo believed them. Now he has had to explain that the agreement a few days ago he sold to the media is nothing more than a framework agreement, that is, that his boasts of previous days aren't founded...that this was all a “fake announcement.” Uh-oh.

The anointment of Anaya

Among the members of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), an invitation has been extended for an event this Sunday 18, where Ricardo Anaya will take oath as the official presidential candidate of the Coalition for Mexico to the Front. We're told the event will be held at noon at the National Auditorium, in Paseo de la Reforma. “We who are part of the Front don't see Mexico's future with resignation, nor are we willing to renounce to our possibility of being involved in the construction of alternatives for the country,” reads the invitation. A day before, on Saturday, the PAN will hold the meeting of its National Leadership Council, where it is expected the agreement on candidates for deputies and senators are . Quite a busy weekend for the PAN...

Bronco and corny

You've always seen him as the man mounted on horseback, tough, coarse, and yet, Jaime Rodríguez Caldreón (aka El Bronco), aspiring independent candidate to the Presidency, also has his corny side. On his Twitter account, Calderón took some time to send a tweet. With the hashtag #OnYourFirstDateDont, he wrote: “Don't forget to say you're as tough as they come to make her fall even more in love with you.” Then he wrote other two tweets but upon second thought he deleted them. Were those deleted tweets more advice for all the lovers out there? It seems everybody has a heart, even El Bronco.


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