López Obrador vs. Morena

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López Obrador vs. Morena
For weeks, there was been internal feuds at Morena now that it is set to elect a new leader - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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López Obrador vs. Morena

President López Obrador had to step in to calm things down at Morena, the party he founded. We've been told there were inconsolable differences between Yeidckol Polevnsky, Bertha Luján, Mario Delgado, and Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán but there was a message sent from the President's office to solve the internal election through a poll and to stop the feud. Moreover, the federal government thinks that besides insecurity, another factor that contributed to a low approval rating for López Obrador was the feuds inside Morena. Will they obey the President? Because they have ignored him before.

Mexican lawmakers vote to end presidential immunity

Farmers demand resources

Farmers claimed they would stay outside the lower chamber for a month after learning that lawmakers are set to approve the 2020 budget on Wednesday. We've been told that between Friday and Saturday, there were changes among the farmers outside the lower chamber but that this doesn't weaken their movement, on the contrary, those who were tired went home to rest and more energetic protestors arrived at the venue. So if the lawmakers think they will tire the farmers by delaying the approval of the budget, they are wrong.

Mexico will spend half a billion to fight poverty in 2020

No sales for the lower chamber employees

This “Buen Fin” sale will be remembered in the lower chamber since the employees who were hired through the fees scheme weren't paid their two-week salary. Yes, the collaborators who work for the 500 lawmakers weren't able to buy anything during the sales because they weren't paid their salary. We've been told that the payments weren't carried out because of the blockade implemented by farmers outside the lower chamber. Moreover, no party leader has apologized.

A sad day for ISSSTE workers

Did Monreal predict the situation in Bolivia?

Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila gave his daughter Eldaa Catalina Monreal Pérez the first copy of his book Political Pendulum (Péndulo Político) and gave other copies to journalists. Although Monreal finished the book before Evo Morales was exiled to Mexico, on the 179th page he writes: “The good economic results aren't everything (…) There is a sector of society that needs to live in a democracy and the actions implemented by the government aren't necessarily sparking those feelings. There is a persistent fear of a never-ending reelection.”

Who overthrew Evo Morales' government?


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