López Obrador meets the LeBarón family

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López Obrador meets the LeBarón family
The LeBarón family demanded justice and peace during yesterday's protest - Photo: Jorge Serratos/EL UNIVERSAL
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López Obrador meets the LeBarón family

President López Obrador is quite happy because destiny is working on his favor because today, he's meeting with the LeBarón family. The President will inform them about the arrest of 4 suspects involved in the massacre of three women and six children. Today, Trump also returns to work after Thanksgiving and will hear the news about the arrests, which might calm his intentions to send “aid” to fight Mexican cartels.

4 suspects arrested in connection with the LeBarón massacre

The President gains support

As we said before, Morena and its allies will host an assembly. Later today, lawmakers from Morena, PT, PES, and PV will rally around President López Obrador's project and will express their support. We've been told that the assembly also aims to announce the results obtained so that they have a positive response in the 2021 elections and maintain the majority in Congress, especially since the current administration could be at risk if it doesn't have a majority in Congress and during a crisis at Morena, now that there is an internal feud. So even if Morena disappears, the President has the vote of a whole fraction that is loyal to him.

Mexican lawmakers vote to end presidential immunity

The PISA results to be released tomorrow

Tomorrow, the OECD will present the PISA results, a test that evaluates 15-year-old students' performance in mathematics, science, and reading. Today, in Jalisco, the results will be ready. Meanwhile, education authorities have already said that it wouldn't be fair to compare Mexico's results with those obtained by more developed countries and that Mexico is not looking to obtain the best results and that the changes will be noticeable in the long term. The truth is that in 2015, Mexico had been at the bottom of the list for 15 years. It was said that it would take a decade to see the results of the 2014 education reform and if the forecast is the same, we'll have to wait another 10 years if the New Mexican School and not evaluating teachers is the best strategy.

Mexican government cuts its budget for special education

The IMSS will hire doctors and nurses

If you're a doctor and you don't have a job, you'll learn the requirements needed to work at the IMSS today. We've been told that today, Zoé Robledo will announce a call for doctors and nurses to join the health institute. We've been told that the IMSS plans to hire 1,000 doctors and 1,269 nurses to work in rural hospitals. This 2,269 doctors and nurses will join the army of workers who provide services to over 7,000 IMSS beneficiaries.

Austerity at the IMSS sparks crisis


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