At least seven people died in Brazil boat wreck

Only twenty-five people have made it to the shore; Brazilian authorities are investigating the possible causes of the tragic incident

River in the northern state of Para, Brazil - Photo: Andre Penner/AP
English 23/08/2017 13:07 Actualizada 13:09
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According to Brazilian authorities, a boat carrying 70 people sank in Brazil. Dozens of people are sill missing and at least seven people died in the incident.

Public Security Office in Pará, northern Brazil, confirmed that twenty-five people were able to reach the banks of the river while seven bodies were recovered. The rest of the passengers are still missing.

The boat was sailing on Xingu river when it sank on Tuesday. The causes of the incident are not clear yet.

Folha de Sao Paulo daily informed that the boat left Monday night from Santarem and was heading to Victoria do Xingu.

Travel by river is common in the northern states of Brazil, which encompasses the Amazon rainforest with relatively fewer major roads. 


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