INE discloses collaboration agreement with Google

The document confirms voters will be able to locate polling stations through Google Maps and check the preliminary results on election day

INE discloses collaboration agreement with Google
English 12/04/2018 14:51 Carina García Mexico City Actualizada 14:51
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The National Electoral Institute (INE) disclosed last Sunday the collaboration agreement signed with Google, according to which, the technology company will offer several services to make voting information more available, such as enabling voters to locate their corresponding polling stations, find information about the candidates and their proposals through Google's search engine, and receive “alerts” so citizens don't forget to vote this July 1st.

According to the agreement, signed on March 27, the document is not a contract, thus there are no sums of money involved. Moreover, their collaboration “does not imply, under any circumstance, the sharing or usage of personal data in the possession of any of the parties.”

Pursuant to the councilor president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, the agreement also includes the streaming of the three presidential debates on YouTube.

Similarly to the services available through other online platforms from several news outlets and academic institutions, on July 1st Google will be able to show the preliminary results of the election.

The technology company will also offer a polling station location service via Google Maps, in addition to orientation for citizens on how to vote.


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