Impetuosa, the craft beer brewed by Mexican women

Women are contributing to the legacy of Mexican breweries with high-quality beers

Impetuosa, the craft beer brewed by Mexican women
Impuetuosa is a special edition beer - Photo: Taken from Cervecería Colima's Facebook account
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There is no doubt that Mexico loves beer. Although Mexico produces excellent wines and fantastic spirits, for many Mexicans beer is their go-to drink: it is the fans favorite for parties, meetings, and makes the best partner for snacks. It is simple, democratic – because there is one to suit all tastes – but in short, beer is love.

Beer has been produced in Mexico for over 125 years, and we are sure it still has many more to come. An example of this is Impetuosa, a hoppy lager beer created by over 40 women from 35 independent Mexican breweries at Cervecería de Colima in El Trapiche, Cuauhtémoc, Colima.

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This special edition hoppy lager made by women will launch next March 7 in the framework of the International Women's Day that takes place every March 8 to commemorate the effort and dedication of those women who have generated change.

Profits from this beer will be donated to civil associations, NGOs, and collectives that promote the participation and professional development of Mexican women.

The women who brewed this beer come from different parts of Mexico including Colima, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico City, Ciudad Juárez, Ajijic, San Sebastián del Oeste, Guadalajara, Michoacán, Querétaro, Puebla, and Oaxaca.

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There were also two collectives of women in the beer world: Female Beer Tasters in Mexico an NGO created in 2012 that promotes the culture, appreciation, and consumption of good beer between women. Until now, it has over 2,000 members with representatives and coordinators in 15 cities in Mexico and San Diego, California, where they organize parallel activities that promote beer culture.



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Likewise, Adelitas Cerveceras is a collective of 130 Mexican women who, since April 2019, promote in a comprehensive way the participation of women in the beer industry through a support and career network.

The design of the label was in charge of María Echevarría, a visual artist from Mexico City who lives in Los Cabos.

Impetuosa is now available in Cervecería de Colima's online store and in several other stores in Mexico.

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