How to identify violence against women?

According to the INEGI, out of the 46.5 million Mexican women of over 15 years old, 66.1% has been a victim of violence

How to identify violence against women?
Violence against women has become a topic of national interest – Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP
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During their life, women can be victims of violence multiple times: whether it be in the domestic or the public sphere, by perpetuating a determined gender role or objectifying them, or by using physical or sexual violence against them.

Unfortunately, sexist culture prevails in society and allows this kind of behavior against women to be overlooked and for many women to remain silent about them.

According to information from the National Geography and Statistics Institute (Inegi), out of the 46.5 million Mexican women of over 15 years old, 66.1% has been a victim of violence.

Have you heard sexual violence is on the rise in Mexico?

Due to the size of the problem, violence against women has become a topic of national interest. To fight violence, it is important to know its manifestations, so as to identify it and have emotional and psychological tools to avoid being one of its victims.

Identifying violence can be quite complex; sometimes, people confuse violent acts with love. An alarming data, according to studies of the World Health Organization, shows that 9 out of 10 Mexican women suffer dating abuse.

Violence in an emotional relationship tends to be cyclic: it begins with a phase of tension, followed by a violent act, then comes regret, to conclude with reconciliation. This dynamic generates a link of emotional dependency and possession that is hard to break with, both for the aggressor and the victim.

Did you know Mexican women are besieged by femicide and gender violence?

To avoid this and other violent acts, it is fundamental to educate men and women to recognize the different kinds of violence included in the General Law of Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence:

Psychologic violence
Any act or omission that hurts the psychological stability of a person, such as insults, humiliations, or threats, that can take her to a state of depression, isolation, low self-esteem, or even suicide.

Physical violence
Any act that causes non-accidental damage, using physical force and causing external or internal injuries.

Hereditary violence
Any act or omission that affects women’s survival, such as the subtraction, destruction, or retention of objects, personal documents, properties, or economic resources.

Economic violence
Any action from the aggressors that affects the economic survival of women

Sexual violence
Any act that degrades or damages the body and/or sexuality of women, going against her freedom and physical integrity.

Did you know Mexico City issued a gender alert over alarming femicide and gender violence numbers?

It is important to understand what these definitions imply to fully grasp that any interaction that feels weird or uncomfortable for a woman can be a way of gender violence, so it is crucial to be alert when they take place.

Some ways to identify and prevent violence against women are:

  • Eradicate roles and stereotypes that perpetuate unequal standards
  • Do not justify lewd behavior
  • Do not base relationships on jealousy and possession
  • Do not justify a violent act with love
  • Promote a fair and equal education since childhood
  • Do not replicate micro-sexist behaviors
  • Generate spaces where women can express freely without being judged
  • Do not manipulate or blackmail emotionally
  • Understand that true love is not related to submission

If a woman considers that her relationship or her environment has any violent manifestations against her, the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women (Conavim) has a phone line available (01-800-42-252-56) where they offer professional and anonymous attention with free psychological and legal support to help them feel safe and free.

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