Guadalajara’s civil hospitals will be the first in Mexico to use a UV light disinfection robot

There are plans to obtain more robots to disinfect hospitals throughout Mexico

Guadalajara’s civil hospitals will be the first in Mexico to use a UV light disinfection robot
This photo taken on April 14, 2020 shows a staff member spraying disinfectant on medical equipment - Photo: File photo/STR/AFP
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In order to reinforce the disinfection of their COVID-19 areas, civil hospitals in Guadalajara, managed by the University of Guadalajara, will be the first ones in Mexico to use a robot that disinfects spaces with UV light.

Gabriel Isaías Urbina Sánchez, head of MTS Tech México, the company that handles the robot and that will donate this service for the university’s hospitals, said this technology was designed along with the Barcelona’s Clinical Hospital that sought to automate some of its processes with a robot that was able to move throughout the building to distribute drugs and food.

“The project began approximately a year ago but COVID-19 got in the way in December and there was a change to use it for disinfection purposes with UV light, which is a technology previously approved with a disinfection capacity of 99.96%,” he said.

He mentioned they have concluded the mapping process in the COVID-19 areas and other areas of interest for the Civil Hospitals to be able to kickstart the disinfection processes starting next week.

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Urbina explained that using this technology will prevent human mistakes, disinfection times will become more efficient, and the hospitals will be able to save up to 50% of the cost of the processes.

“When a COVID-19 case is detected at a company, the whole journey of the worker must be disinfected, including the place where they entered and the surroundings; this process can present mistakes in the application of chemicals; with this robot, you temporarily isolate the areas and after it disinfects, people can go back to work without having to wait for the ozone to go down after a nebulization process,” he asserted.

For now, there is only one MTS-UVE robot in Mexico, but the company has plans to have two more by next September to provide this service in Mexico City and other places in the country.

“It’s a technology that is not widely known in the country but it is already used in cities like Shanghai, New York, and London, where this kind of technology is used to fight COVID-19,” he said.

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