Google pays homage to beloved Mexican game lotería
Lotería actually originated in Italy - Photo: Taken from Google's video

Google pays homage to beloved Mexican game lotería

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The Doodle was launched to celebrate the fact that lotería was copyrighted 106 years ago

Google's new interactive game celebrates lotería, the traditional Mexican card game. This interactive lotería offers a multiplayer experience as you can play with friends or match with users around the world.

This beloved Mexican card game is often played by families. One person will read the cards out loud, while the players place a bean on their boards every time an image on it is mentioned, in a similar way to bingo. Once you fill all the spaces on the board, you have to shout ¡lotería! in order to be declared as the winner.

Furthermore, the images on the card have become icons of Mexican culture. It features images such as a mermaid, the Mexican flag, a drunk man, fruits, the sun, the moon, and more.

The interactive Doodle was launched to celebrate the fact that lotería was officially copyrighted 106 years ago.

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But did you know where it originated? According to Google, it originated in Italy in the 15th century, then it spread to Spain and arrived in Mexico in 1769.

Moreover, the characters in each of the cards have changed several times. The best-known version was created by Frenchman Clemente Jacques in 1887. The “Don Clemente Gallo” edition, copyrighted in 1913, features the imagery that’s become interchangeable with lotería.

To create the interactive lotería, Google collaborated with five Mexican and Mexican-American illustrators to reimagine the classic lotería cards for the Doodle.


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