Frida Kahlo: protagonist of Fin DAC mural in Guadalajara

As part of the activities of the dance festival “Despertares Impulsa,” the Irish artist painted the mural in Guadalajara

Frida Kahlo: protagonist of Fin DAC mural in Guadalajara
Fin DAC painting the mural “Magdalena” in Guadalajara, Jalisco – Photo: Carlos Zepeda/EL UNIVERSAL
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A huge wall painting created by the Irish artist Fin DAC in Guadalajara honors Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, as well as her national attire.

This painting will be officially unveiled during the dance festival “Despertares Impulsa”, organized by renowned dancer Isaac Hernández, that will take place in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The author of the mural, titled “Magdalena,” said this Tuesday to EFE that depicting the image of the most famous Mexican painter was something “almost obvious,” since his art looks to extol women of every country he visits and she “represents Mexican art with her traditional clothing.”

In the wall of a building of about 10 floors, the image of the painter watches the passerby of Chapultepec Avenue, holding her hands and wearing a pink shawl, a multicolored huipil typical of the South of Mexico, and a long blue skirt ornamented with skulls.

Known for his style called “Urban Aesthetics,” Fin DAC has depicted in walls, roofs and streets of the five continents different feminine images with traditional clothing, always wearing a mask, an element that he considers to be his own signature.

“Culture and nationality do not matter to me; I’m more interested in the kind of traditional clothing of each place, each country; and every place has something to offer and show in that sense.”

Fin DAC was invited by the Despertares Impulsa producer and this is the first time he works in Mexico and the third time he visits Latin America, after creating six murals in Colombia and Brazil between 2012 and 2017.

For the urban artist, creating a mural in a public space is a way to give spectators a moment of peace and relaxation.

"When you see a spectacular publicity post, you see an image trying to sell you something you don’t need, but it makes you feel you want it. [Instead] when you see a piece of art in the street it gives you a moment of happiness and peace, none of the publicity you see will make you happy, but art can definitely do so,” he expressed.

The mural will be inaugurated next Monday as part of the activities of the festival.

Last Saturday was the 112th birth anniversary of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who was born in Mexico City on July 6th, 1907 and died in the same place on July 13th, 1954.


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