Fragile rule of law

The consensus regarding the urgency to consolidate the battered rule of law in Mexico keeps growing

Fragile rule of law
English 13/03/2018 09:07 Mexico City Newspaper Leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 09:07
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The consensus regarding the urgency to consolidate the battered rule of law in Mexico keeps growing. In less than a week, EL UNIVERSAL has documented several important voices that agree this is a problem that exists within and outside the government.

The first to mention it was the Minister of Tourism, who upon being questioned about the country's outcry – during a businesspeople forum – he said the rule of law in Mexico was broken just like the justice, security, and anti-corruption institutions.

Then, during an interview with this newspaper, the Minister of Finance claimed one of the priorities was to redouble efforts to improve rule of law.

Today, as part of another talk brought to you by EL UNIVERSAL, the head of the Bank of Mexico also points out that the challenge is to improve Mexico's rule of law and he bases his claim on the periodical polls and surveys the institution carries out with businesspeople and analysts.

The reality is that there is almost zero resolution for criminal cases, which becomes an incentive for criminals while society is left defenseless.

To this, we can add the latest impunity rate report prepared by the University of the Americas. The main conclusion is that high levels of impunity, together with the mistrust of the citizens in security and justice institutions have worsened in the last two years.

In 28 out of the 32 states, the situation is considered critical, going from high to very high; and of that total, 19 are above the national median – 69.84 points. The State of Mexico is the state with the highest impunity rates, scoring 80.6 points.

The most concerning of the analysis of the officials and the study of the University is that the light at the end of the tunnel still seems far away, reason why the problem can turn even more serious, causing severe social and economic negative impacts.

Even with so little months left, the current government should adopt measures that prevent a further decline. The coordination with the Judicial Branch and the strict control on prosecutor offices and security bodies could resolve the issue.

Given the current political situation, it is also urgent that all the candidates to the Presidency explain in detail their proposal to make Mexico a country in which the rule of law governs.

No nation can aspire to a better future if this aspect isn't guaranteed.


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