16 | SEP | 2019
Roberto Sandoval Castañeda - Photo: Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL

Former Governor of Nayarit to face political trial

Raúl Torres
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Roberto Sandoval, former Governor of Nayarit, is accused of the alleged embezzlement of at least MXN$ 2.7 billion

Former Governor of Nayarit, Roberto Sandoval, is facing a political trial before the local Congress for alleged embezzlement of at least MXN$ 2.7 billion (USD$1.3 billion approx), illicit enrichment, crime concealment, and bribery.

Yesterday, the Human Rights Justice Commission, chaired by conservative National Action Party (PAN) Deputy Javier Mercado, launched the proceeding to send to trial the former Governor, two former members of his cabinet, and four members of the Administrative Justice Court of the state of Nayarit.

After analyzing two formal complaints in which Sandoval Castañeda was identified as the alleged culprit behind several crimes, the Commission decided to approve the agreement so an auditing commission could launch the corresponding proceeding.

During the statement of motives, Javier Mercado clarified the political trial wasn't called to remove the immunity and privileges of the public servant but to remove an official from their charge or to suspend the administrative position.

Mercado added that during the previous legislation, he and former legislator Sodía Bautista presented a proposal to remove immunity and privileges to public servants and that this was approved, thus, in the state of Nayarit public officials no longer have immunity.

“Any citizen can file a complaint or call for a political trial against former public servants up to one year after they've stepped down from office,” said the legislator, stressing that once this year has passed complaints shall no longer be deemed valid.

The Deputy explained the Congress of the state has one year, starting from today, to issue a resolution and establish a punishment for the accused if found guilty.

Once the proceeding is launched, it is handed over to an auditing commission, comprised of four deputies from different political parties, who shall ratify – or not – the resolution.


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