Fátima’s murder proves Mexican children face a grim future

The femicide of a little girl has shocked and outraged Mexican society

Fátima’s murder proves Mexican children face a grim future
On February 11, a woman kidnapped 7-year-old Fátima Cecilia from school - Photo: Sáshenka Gutiérrez/EFE
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Violence seems to accompany Mexican children in every step of the way. In many regions, children grow up in the midst of a wave of violence that drowns them and which is not easy to leave behind. Mexican children suffer bullying, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and many other heinous crimes. Nowadays, parents no longer allow their children to play on the streets in the face of violence and crime.

Therefore, schools must be a driving force pushing for a positive change but this is not the current case as parents often demand teachers and professors to abstain from trying to change the child’s behavior.

Moreover, several teachers lack a vocation and prefer to join union trades instead of teaching; however, many other teachers lack the proper conditions to teach a class.

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Andreas Schleicher, a researcher and the Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills at the OECD, considers that violence can be halted in school even before it starts or so that children who suffer or witness violence do not repeat it. Additionally, schools can help children to take a more positive atmosphere to home and neighborhood; ideally, schools should work as a vaccine against violence.

Therefore, to say that school must become the epicenter of an anti-violence movement and although it seems easy, it is not; on the contrary, it is quite difficult to plan and implement a program like this. Thus, educating children in a way that halts violence needs to stop being rhetoric and translate into actions to create a peaceful country.

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