Down Syndrome artists present exhibition in Bellas Artes

The INBA, in collaboration with the Fundación John Langon Down presents the exhibition Manantial de amor

Down Syndrome artists present exhibition in Bellas Artes
nside Manantial de Amor – Photo: Taken from Palacio de Bellas Artes' Facebook account
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36 art pieces made by students from the Mexican School of Down Art make up the exhibition “Source of love”, inaugurated on the Adamo Boari Hall in the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Lidia Camacho, general director of the Beaux-Arts National Institute (INBA), said that it's very important to open spaces for this kind of exhibitions.

She said that “the INBA has always been interested in the topic of inclusiveness in the art world, such as the recent call from the National Music Conservatory, called Piano for everyone, which is opening spaces for people with disabilities”.

Daniel Pérez, curator, and professor said that the work lasted a few months and that “it was a great discovery to see that this was happening in Mexico City and that there is a school dedicated to working with people with Down Syndrome, and that mainly work with visual arts”.

The exhibition is complete and full of colors that capture the artist's talents, who are 20 to 51 years old. Each of them offers a glimpse into their artistic manifestations through landscapes, animals, homes, family members, and abstract paintings.

The exhibition includes pieces such as Plaza de toros (Bullring) by Rubén Larios; Camino a la escuela (The way to school) by Daniel Oseguera; Elefante (Elephant) by Jacqueline Méndez; Ciudad (City) by Armando Robles; Jarrones (Vases) by Lorena Vélez; Puerta morada (Purple door) by Christian Silva and Mujer dormida (Sleeping woman) by Lucio Palacios, among others.

The John Langdon Down Foundation was created by Sylvia G. Escamilla 46 years ago. It's dedicated to offering education, medical and psychological attention to children, teenagers, and adults with Down Syndrome.

You can also show your support by purchasing their artwork here.


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