DIF, administrator of Octavio Paz’s estate

Last September 30, 2019, Mexico City’s DIF was declared as universal inheritor of the estate

DIF appointed as administrator of Octavio Paz’s estate
Octavio Paz died on April 19, 1998 – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Francisco Antonio Santamaría Damián appeared as representative of the System for the Comprehensive Family Development of Mexico City (DIF), before the 19th Court in Family Matters of the Local Justice Superior Court, to accept and protest the charge of Administrator of the estate of Marie-José Tramini, widow of writer Octavio Paz.

The appointment took place after last September 30, 2019, the 19th court declared Mexico City’s DIF as the universal inheritor of Tramini’s property.

According to a release of Mexico City’s Culture Ministry, with the appointment of the administrator, what follows are the necessary actions that will allow performing an inventory of the property, as well as their protection, considering the historical and cultural relevance of Octavio Paz in Mexico.

Given the huge legacy left by the Nobel Prize of Literature, since the decease of Marie-José Tramini de Paz, Mexico’s Culture Ministry, Mexico City’s Culture Ministry, and DIF, created a workgroup.

According to the local Culture Ministry, the three agencies will keep working together with the objective to preserve and classify the estate, considering the non-dispersion of the property belonging to Mexicans.

Last July 26, Mexico’s Culture Ministry, Mexico City’s Culture Ministry and authorities of the corresponding agencies, as well as the National College, and the Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), informed through a release that the clean up, treatment, and preservation of the estate is already taking place. Nevertheless, they did not provide details on the progress. Until now, the content of the archive has been kept completely inscrutable.