Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz

’s documentary archive and bibliographic collection has been approved by the National Artistic Monuments and Zones Commission (CNZMA) to be used as an artistic monument.

Through a press release, Mexico’s National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) stated that the inscription would be carried out through the federal Ministry of Culture .

The inscription is meant to protect Octavio Paz’s collection so that it may remain in Mexico and be kept under adequate conditions for present and future generations.

The commission took the intellectual importance of the famous Mexican author under consideration. Some of his most famous works, such as The Labyrinth of Solitude , account for his critical thinking and expressive force.

The institution also considered that Paz broke new ground with regard to artistic expression and analysis in the fields of literature, visual arts, architecture, and politics.

The lines of argument of specialists in the field such as Geney Beltrán Félix, Literature Coordinator at INBA; Xavier Guzmán Urbiola, assistant director of Inmovable Cultural Heritage at INBA; Silvia Molina, and Javier Garciadiego .

The CNZMA is comprised of the general director of INBA, Lidia Camacho; Gabriel Mérigo Basurto, representative from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); Louise Noelle Gras, investigator at the Institute of Aesthetic Research of UNAM, and Doctor Bernardo Gómez Pimienta, head of the Architecture Faculty at the Anáhuac University .


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