Death threat against Bolaños?

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Javier Bolaños, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies – Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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Death threat against Bolaños?

The Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, the National Action Party (PAN) member Javier Bolaños, had an incident this Wednesday which put his life at risk. We're told the PAN member was driving his SUV on the second floor of the Periférico highway when the wheels of his vehicle skidded and he came within a hair's breadth of having an accident.


Luckily for all, we're told, there are no losses to mourn, but upon a close inspection, it turned out the lug nuts of the four wheels had been loosened on purpose, which has sent the team of the PAN legislator into full alarm mode. Mr. Javier is about to submit a formal complaint against whoever is responsible for the attack under such complicated moments in politics. Was this a message sent to Bolaños?

Anaya and the PRI aspiring candidates

Today begins the catwalk for all the aspiring candidates to the Presidency of the Republic of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). At least five State Secretaries will be this weekend in the Mazatlán port to give their messages to the young PRI members who are preparing themselves in politics at the PRI's National School. We're talking about José Antonio Meade, José Narro, Aurelio Nuño, Enrique de la Madrid, and Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, who will be scrutinized by the rest of the party. As a joke, a member of the PRI has said this test is just a formality, because the national leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya, has said the PRI candidate will be Meade. Good news for the other PRI members, no doubt – and bad ones for Mr. Meade – seeing Anaya is not known for telling the truth.

The generous gifts in the Senate

The best thing since sliced bread, that's how the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) group at the Senate feels, we've been told. PRD members have become the “best friends” of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN) in the Chamber of Senators. Yesterday, the students of Luis Sánches took home an onerous gift. Upon the agreement of the Political Coordination Board – that is, the PRI-PAN – a fourth secretary was created in the Administration Commission, which is the one in charge of controlling the resources of the Higher Chamber. The one who can pat herself on the back for this achievement is the national leader of the PRD, Senator Alejandra Barrales, who will receive 100 thousand Mexican pesos a month in addition to the 117 thousand she already receives. Someone at the Senate is being very generous with their gifts.

War in the PAN spreads

We're told the National Action Party (PAN) rebels have brought the war against the national leader of their party, Ricardo Anaya to the doors of some of their close partners or members of the National Executive Committee, which is the case of Deputy Jorge Triana, a close acquaintance of Santiago Creel. In social networks, he has been branded a “charlatan”, to which Triana replied: “Charlatan? What is this? The 50's?” Considering this hostile environment, some PAN members who are currently not taking sides have pointed out the self-proclaimed “rebels” need to show some restraint, as not all PAN members are their enemy.


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