Daniel Servitje is not leading a movement against the federal government

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Daniel Servitje is not leading a movement against the federal government
Daniel Servitje is Bimbo’s director - Photo: Germán Espinosa/EL UNIVERSAL
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Daniel Servitje is not leading a movement against the federal government

Bimbo’s director Daniel Servitje says it is false he’s leading a movement against the federal government. Last week, several blogs and social media accounts said the business leader is leading an opposition movement against the government. According to sources, Servitje is not interested in leading the business sector but is rather interested in working to improve productivity. We’ve been told that yesterday, during a meeting with business leaders, where Servitje was present, some of the current government’s actions were praised.

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Outsourcing law sparks division

There will be an open parliament at the Senate today, in order to discuss outsourcing. We’ve been told that the issue has sparked a division in Morena, as well as in the President’s cabinet. Beyond the results generated by today’s event, the initiative proposed by Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, which was approved by some commission in the Senate but was halted by the Political Coordination Board, led by Ricardo Monreal, will not be approved as it was originally conceived. We’ve been told that the initiative is not approved by cabinet members and opposition lawmakers, as well as by a large number of Morena senators.

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The President has a full agenda

We’ve been told that the federal government is analyzing the logistics for the incoming September 15 celebration as there could be two celebrations. There’s a possibility that President López Obrador might be present in the raffle of the value of the presidential plane, which is set to take place on September 15, and after the raffle, the President could head to the National Palace to celebrate Mexico’s independence.

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Obscure trade unions

Trade unions have ignored transparency laws. Very few have little information, considered as public, in the nation transparency platform even though they are required to provide information. We’ve been told that they argue that they previously weren’t required to share this information, so they refuse to provide information from years ago. According to the current law, unions must guarantee access to all its information and explain their use of public resources.

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