COVID-19: Mexico must prevent the collapse of its health system

As of March 22, Mexico has registered 251 COVID-19 cases — Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

COVID-19: Mexico must prevent the collapse of its health system
As of March 22, Mexico has registered 251 COVID19 cases — Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 22/03/2020 11:04 Mexico City Editorial Actualizada 11:18
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Deficient medical services have resulted in up to 71 million Mexicans voice their discontent over health care services provided by the government, while another 20 million say they have been affected by or lack hospital attention, which in theory is now free for all, as declared by the Mexican Constitution.

The over demand, deficient medical equipment, staff shortages, exploited or unprepared staff, the lack of medicines and supplies, budget restrictions, and the launch of a new health institute   that is not clearly defined in its services, limitations, operation, financing, or coordination with existing health institutes presents a desolating panorama for Mexico in a moment went the country and the world are besieged by the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus has become a pathological agent that will test Mexico’s health system, especially because of its precarious conditions. Therefore, the best thing Mexicans can do is to quarantine in order to prevent the collapse of the health system because if the pandemic worsens in the country, Mexico might not be ale to treat all patients.

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In an interview with an academic counselor from the National Council for the Evaluation of the Social Development Policy (Coneval), she acknowledged that no Mexican government has been able to fulfill the right to health care, as established in the Constitution, where people are granted the right to medical attention and the government has to guarantee the access to health services.

There is no way to change things overnight in a health system that has been inefficient for decades, that has been unable to fulfill the demand for services, and whose infrastructure is outdated. At this time, the only thing Mexican society can do in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is to prevent getting infected so that they don’t infect others and this way, prevent more cases. The solution to this health crisis is the hands of every Mexican who can social-distance, quarantine and isolate

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