Cooking classes to fight crime in Iztapalapa

Iztapalapa is one of Mexico City's most dangerous areas, therefore, they will look to change things through productive workshops

Cooking classes, break dance and art to fight crime in Iztapalapa
Children from this area are at disadvantage due to their socioeconomic situation- Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Iztapalapa is looking to fight youth crime through cooking classes, break dance and art.

In the incoming weeks, the area will carry out the activities, as part of the Crime Prevention National Program (Pronapred) in the Desarrollo Urbano Quetzalcóatl neighborhood, one of the most dangerous in the capital.

The goal is to involve at least 200 teenagers and young people in these workshops.

In the cooking classes, they will learn how to make bread, pan dulce, cupcakes, and cheesecake.

They will also teach break dance to promote peace, legality, and social wellness.

Tailoring workshops will be taught as well, with the purpose to encourage self-employment, which could benefit up to 185 women.

The classes will begin on September 10.

According to the program, risk factors are those kinds of individual, family, school, or social situations that increase the possibility that people develop violent or criminal behaviors.

The risk factors are early pregnancies, deteriorated family relationships, lack of work opportunities, informality, and unemployment, consumption, and abuse of drugs, among others.


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