The Collado case allegedly involves two PAN members

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The Collado case allegedly involves two PAN members
Juan Collado is accused of money laundering and organized crime - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Collado case allegedly involves two PAN members

Two PAN members have been mentioned in the Juan Collado case, who is accused of organized crime and money laundering: the current Querétaro Governor, Francisco Domínguez, and Senator Mauricio Kuri, the PAN coordinator in the Senate. We've been told that PAN members think that the fact that those two members were named in relation to the case is a sign that someone is trying to weaken one of the best-rated governors in the country, as the 2021 election is approaching. We've been told that the PAN members derive from a testimony but even if the politicians aren't guilty, they will always be linked to the case.

The CNTE and the government reach an agreement

Yesterday, after a private meeting between the President and the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE), it's been said that the teachers were happy because they allegedly reached an agreement to work with the federal government in a statutory reform to bring democracy to the SNTE and block leaderships such as Elba Esther Gordillo. We've been told that the project will respect the union's existence and will be created by the Work Ministry, along with the CNTE.

Meade congratulates Arturo Herrera

Yesterday, after it was revealed that Arturo Herrera had been appointed as the new Finance Minister, the former presidential candidate, José Antonio Meade, congratulated him. Nevertheless, the next morning, President López Obrador said that he had differences with the former minister, Carlos Urzúa because the Development Plan presented by Urzúa was so neoliberal that it seemed like it had been written by Meade or Carstens. So Meade shouldn't be offended if the new minister doesn't thank him because the new government doesn't care about being courteous to the opposition.

Will Delgado lead Morena?

A few weeks ago, we revealed that Mario Delgado, Morena's leaders in the lower chamber, revealed that he is considering to run for the party's presidency. We've been told that Delgado is in the final stages of his assessment. Also, there are lawmakers inside the party who are promoting him and claiming how beneficial Delgado would be for the party. We will know if Delgado joins the race very soon.


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