Charlyn Corral joins the Atlético de Madrid

The Mexican forward is the second reinforcement for the season about to start and will play with her compatriot Kenti Robles

Charlyn Corral joins the Atlético de Madrid
Charlyn Corral is the new member of the Atlético de Madrid Femenino – Photo: Taken from Charlyn Corral's Twitter account
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Charlyn Corral will play in Madrid, but not for the Real Madrid as speculated, but for the Atlético de Madrid that made it official through a press release.

Charlyn Corral is the new soccer player of the Atlético de Madrid Femenino. The 27-year-old Mexican comes from the Levante UD, where she has militated for the last four seasons.

The Mexican forward owns great striking skills, aspect in which she has stood out in the Iberdrola League, becoming the top striker in the championship of the 2017/18 season with 24 goals. Last season, Charlyn scored 20 goals to hold the second place in the chart of scorers.

She will be the second Mexican player who will wear the red and white t-shirt. Charlyn will share the dressing room with her compatriot Kenti Robles, who was the first Mexican soccer player who wore the t-shirt.

In her first words as a member of the team, the Mexican forward said, “I feel very happy and cheerful to be here. It’s a big challenge and a great responsibility, and I have a lot of emotions. I have arrived at a good place and I have no doubt that I will be joyful here.”

In addition, the new player of the Atleti Femenino sent a message to the fans, “I will not fail you. I have come here to earn your love and respect from the first day.”

Corral is the second reinforcement for the season that is about to begin. The Mexican joins the incorporation of Olga Ovdiychuk, who has already signed her contract as a player of the Atleti. Thus, the club gets hold of one of the best strikers of the Spanish league in the last seasons.


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