Christmas in Mexico City

If you have ever wondered how Mexicans celebrate Christmas, you will be surprised!

Celebrate Christmas 2019 in Mexico City
In Mexico, the Christmas season lasts 22 days! - Photo: Pedro Sánchez/Notimex
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Mexico is a country where multiple traditions and cultures have merged. In the case of Christmas, it is a syncretism between Indigenous and European elements, which have one aim: to celebrate with the loved ones and in recent years, Mexicans have adopted other Christmas traditions from countries such as the U.S.

If you have ever wondered how Mexicans celebrate Christmas, you will be surprised! In Mexico, people celebrate the holidays from December 12th and until January 6th and call it the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon.

*Christmas Markets

In early December, market stalls start selling everything you need to celebrate Christmas the Mexican way: Christmas trees, ornaments, Christmas lights, decorations, fruit for the ponche, piñatas, candy, romeritos, cod, and many more things!

If you want to find a wide variety of Christmas trees, decorations, and food, you can visit the Jamaica market and the Merced market.

Must buys:

*Christmas tree
You can purchase a Christmas tree in any market or visit the Ajusco Forest and pick yours!


Although you can purchase Christmas ornaments at any store or market, this little town in Mexico is known for its baubles. In Tlalpujahua, in the state of Michoacán, people use artisanal techniques to create beautiful ornaments.


This flower is indigenous to Mexico. Aztecs originally named it Cuetlaxóchitl. Although you can purchase them at any market, you might want to visit the Xochimilco flower market, where you will find a wide variety of plants at lower prices.


*Nativity scenes
Also known as nacimiento, are ceramic figures of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three Magi, and farm animals. These figures are placed under the Christmas tree.

One of the most important Christmas elements is the traditional piñata, which resembles a star. During the posadas, children, and adults hit and break the piñata, which represents the 7 deadly sins and is filled with candy and fruits.

* Virgin of Guadalupe
On December 12th, Catholics celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe with a pilgrimage to the Basilica, located in northern Mexico City.


In Mexico, people host posadas from December 16th to 24th. The 9 parties represent the Virgin Mary's 9 months of pregnancy. They also represent Mary and Joseph's quest to find shelter while they awaited the birth of Jesus. During the posadas, Mexican families gather to sign Litanies, Christmas carols, break piñatas, eat delicious Mexican food, and drink ponche.

Mexicans celebrate Christmas on December 24th. Families gather to enjoy a dinner that often includes turkey, pork, beef, romeritos, cod, apple salad, ponche, and other delicious dishes. People also exchange gifts and children open the presents Santa Claus brought them on December 25th.

*New Year's Eve
Once again, Mexicans gather with their family or friends to celebrate the New Year on December 31st. Mexicans host delicious dinners in the evening. During the last 12 seconds of the day, people eat 12 grapes; each one represents a wish. Mexicans also share a glass of cider or wine to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

*Three Kings Day
This date is also known as Epiphany day. On this day, children receive presents from the Magi. Later this day, families gather to enjoy hot chocolate and Rosca de Reyes (Three Kinds Bread).


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