Can Mexicans forgive?

The incoming administration is calling for forgiveness, but is it sensible to ask orphans and wife to forgive murderers?

Can Mexicans forgive?
Family members protest the disappearance of 43 students - Photo: Valente Rosas
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Mexico didn't reach the current homicide, violence, and impunity levels overnight. It was a slow decline process, where the lack of law enforcement or its slanted enforcement in order to affect a political or economic group turned into one of the main factors that sparked off the insecurity climate that Mexico has gone through for 12 years.

Municipalities and entire regions were under the yoke of criminal bands that imposed their own law, while the authorities did nothing because they were afraid or because they had been paid off or imposed by the criminals. It was a criminal reign.

In this atmosphere, there were many horrible scenes. For example, in towns in Michoacán, women were kidnapped and raped by criminal groups, if their parents, brothers, or husbands opposed, they were murdered. In Ciudad Juárez, criminals bands murdered entire family member, even if they were only looking to kill one person, the Salvárcar case is the most emblematic.

Why could criminals do all this? Because they knew that the chances of being arrested, judged and condemned were minimum.

This situation has created a deeply hurt society, and the incoming government is asking it to forgive, but not to forget, in order to change the country. That's why the peace forums are taking place, where there have been protests by the participants, who are resisting the call and crying out: “We won't forget or forgive”.

How to forgive? Today, EL UNIVERSAL is publishing the case of a mother who forgave her daughter's murderer. They were advised by psychologists for months, then the victim and murderer met and talked. There were a reintegration and healing process. The mother asked him to study and work so there are no more victims. He recognized that he has to help repair the country he once damaged.

In this case, the two side were in contact.

How could the families of thousands of missing people forgive if they don't know who is responsible?

How could the orphans or widows forgive the guilty if they haven't been arrested? Who are they going to forgive? Forgiveness could be an option when the investigation and justice institutions do their job efficiently so there are no unpunished crimes.

They can't be forgiven if the government can't guarantee truth, reparations, and that there won't be more cases. Because it's useless to forgive it nothing is going to change,


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