Blessed be the 4th Transformation

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Blessed be the 4th Transformation
President López Obrador - Photo: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL
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Blessed be the 4th Transformation

There's no doubt that the 4th Transformation leads by example. And when it's said it's the end, and that the “little sins” of the past will be forgiven and forgotten, it's not a promise, it's a fact. A clear example is a current director of the Foreign Service and Human Resources department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moisés Poblano Silva, who was accused of injuries and damage to property by three women, after, they claim, he ran over them with his truck. They explain that on February 8, 2015, the then member of Mexico City's Legislative Assembly was driving under the influence, at full speed, and on the opposite direction in Monterrey Avenue. According to the women, Mr. Moisés was driving in the opposite direction because he was being followed by a patrol because he had collided against 10 cars. The women, who were injured, accused him of abuse of power and using his position as a public servant to avoid his responsibility. Now, we've been told, that the 4th Transformation forgave him and granted him a great position at the ministry. Blessed be the influential figures, for theirs is the kingdom of the federal government.

Cheating Senators

We've been told that Senator will have an early morning to appoint the new Supreme Court minister. Despite the critics towards the appointment process, the legislators will cast their votes without publishing the three contestants' records. The records had to establish if the candidates fulfill all the requirements needed to have a place in the Supreme Court and were supposed to be published on the Senate's website, at least 24 hours before the candidates appeared before the Senate commissions. But, we've been told, the process approved indicate that the voting will take place without publishing the records. What about the Republican transparency?

The PES could maintain its registration

After dealing with the troubled Puebla election, the Electoral Tribunal is facing new cases. We've been told that the Tribunal still has to issue a verdict in another relevant and polemic case: the registration of the PES as a political party. There's no doubt it didn't gather the 3% of the votes during the July 2018 election. Nevertheless, we've been told, there is a project, supported by several magistrates, that contemplates a sort of new beginning that would allow the PES to keep its registration since the civic support is proved by its large parliamentary group. We've been told that this is a “super innovative” criteria that could be discussed in the tribunal soon.

The G4 vs the 4th Transformation's budget

The PAN, PRID, PRD, and MC have formed some sort of group, something like the G4, and they are threatening to stop, as far as they can, the 2019 budget. We've been told that if Morena, along with the PT, PES, and PVEM, insists on using their power as a majority and make no changes to the Income Law or the Expenditure Budget, they will face 4 opposing forces. The opposition agrees that the budget has to be modified in areas such as agriculture, resources for the states and municipalities, science, technology, and universities. We've been told that if Morena members insist in approving everything before Christmas, the opposition will simply turn its back. Morena's plan is to approve the budget before December 24. Will they be able to do it before Santa Claus arrives?


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