August, a crucial month for Anaya's crew

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August, a crucial month for Anaya's crew
Damián Zepeda and Ricardo Anaya – Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes García/EL UNIVERSAL
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August, a crucial month for Anaya's crew

With August comes the change of the national leadership in the PAN. We're told that today begins the fateful month for the PAN: the temporary president, Damián Zepeda will ask for a leave of absence later in August to take an oath as Senator and start working on the 64th Legislature on September 1st. His position will be left to the current General Secretary, Marcelo Torres Cofiño, who will be the one in charge of assigning the new parliamentary coordinators. It's widely known that he is one of the closest people to the former presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, and many think they have already traced a plan to keep the Anaya current alive: Jorge Romero as the Deputies' coordinator and Damián Zepeda as the Senate leader.

PRD tribes fight for the left-overs

It's only been one month after the election, the disaster in the polls, and the tribes inside the PRD are starting to fight for the leftovers, for what 's left of the party. We're told that one of the main fights is the one between the National Democratic Alternative (ADN) in the State of Mexico. What is it about? The fight is between the former Governor candidate, Juan Zepeda, and the Federal Deputy, Omar Ortega against the ADN founder, the former Nezahualcóyotl mayor, Héctor Bautista. In the State of Mexico, Mr. Héctor has teamed up with the current mayor, Juan Hugo de la Rosa, to stop Zepeda from taking bigger positions in the PRD in that state, and therefore, in the organisms. Who will get more leftovers?

Eviction in San Lázaro

The Chamber of Deputies' administrative area sent out a statement to all the parliamentary groups to inform them that the outgoing legislators have to leave their office before August 10. Why the rush? you might ask. We're told that the San Lázaro bosses want to renovate the offices in three weeks before the 64th Legislature arrives. But don't think the deputies are sad about leaving their offices, no! Not at all! They're leaving happily because they have over MXN $1 million in their bank accounts, the result of their food aid and their savings.

A Beltrones's follower in the PRI

The arrival of the former Federal PRI Deputy, Héctor Gutiérrez de la Garza, to the Organization Secretariat's leadership has its turns. We're told that some PRI members saw the inclusion of Mr. Héctor as a slap from the former PRI president, Manlio Fabio Beltrones. And of course, it's well known that Mr. Héctor is one of Beltrones' closest collaborators, besides having been his right hand on the Chamber of Deputies, when Mr. Manlio was the parliamentary coordinator, during the discussion of the structural reforms proposed by the current administration. Isn't it clear enough?