López Obrador: Improvements and setbacks

Over 30 million people voted for López Obrador, the man who vowed to fight poverty, impunity, and corruption

Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Improvements and setbacks
López Obrador celebrated the first anniversary of his electoral win in Mexico City - Photo: Fernando Llano/AP
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A year ago, Mexicans voted in favor of the transformation of the country. Over 30 million people voted for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the candidate who proposed to lead a government using a different approach, in order to fight poverty, impunity, and corruption.

The measures implemented in the last 12 months, the current government took office 7 months ago, have sparked a change. The federal government has renounced the privileges and extravagances that characterized it. In general, the government is austere and focused on social spending. Nevertheless, there are other actions that have sparked rejection and division among society, such as the cancellation of the construction of the Texcoco airport or the refusal to allocate public funds to daycares; both decisions are being contested at the tribunals.

This government has made progress in some areas but seems to move backward in others, which causes uncertainty in some sectors and does not try to mitigate this negative effect. Also, the extreme measures implemented in the management of public resources has prevented the proper operation of ministries and institutions.

During the current administration, not all its members act according to the austerity measures implemented and promoted by the President. This is the result of the deficient coordination between what the President says and what his cabinet does. On Monday, EL UNIVERSAL published the testimonies of those who were fired from the government without a fair treatment, but rather through terrorism in the workplace.

If one characteristic could define this government, it would be its polarizing discourse, pronounced at the National Palace every day. It seems like the message sent by the President after the other presidential candidates recognized his electoral win when he said that “we should unite to work together for the benefit of the country, beyond our legitimate differences.”

The federal government should establish reconciliation as one of its main goals, a word that was mentioned after López Obrador won the election. National unity has shattered and achieving it and consolidating it has become a priority. Without unity, the full development of the country will be hard to achieve.


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