26 | MAR | 2019
And when will Barreiro appear before the PGR?
Ricardo Anaya Cortés - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

And when will Barreiro appear before the PGR?

Mexico City
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And when will Barreiro appear before the PGR?

After the video explaining the type of operations allegedly his brother Manuel does with Ricardo Anaya, Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR) is required by law to summon Juan Carlos Barreiro to get a statement, according to experts in Law. It's clear that the testimony of Mr. Juan Carlos can help shed some light on the open investigation on the case, reason why the PGR shouldn't waste more time to know if what is said on the recording is true or not. Councilors think that, at the same time, the Prosecutor's Office of Querétaro should also do something about it and investigate the possible traffic of influences in which Anaya is allegedly involved, as Juan Carlos says in the leaked video, when Anaya provided Barreiro privileged information so they could purchase at a low cost, lands from the Government of Querétaro which then became industrial warehouses. This could also provide certainty to the investigation, considering the administration is of the conservative National Action Party (PAN).

AMLO's tiger

Despite that a few days ago he claimed he had smoothed things out with the business elite, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has gone back to his old ways and the tiger inside him was unleashed. As he was touring across Chiapas, Mr. Andrés said once again that phrase of his about the predatory minority in control of the country. And although he didn't mention any names, those familiars with his speeches can guess of whom he was talking about.

The leadership of the PRI abandons its children

As July 1 gets closer, we learn more about the disagreements between the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and its candidates, especially in the states where a new governor is to be elected. In private, some candidates have complained about a lack of political support but mainly a lack of fundings from the national leadership led by René Juárez Cisneros. In the case of Puebla, we're told, the PRI's candidate Enrique Doger, went last week to the PRI's main offices in Mexico City to make his case. There are some who venture that Mr. Enrique had even prepared his resignation as part of a strategy to get the support of the PRI's national leadership.

Anaya pays 81 million for Internet polls

We've been told that according to the expense report submitted to the National Electoral Institute (INE) by the presidential candidacy of the “For Mexico to the Front” coalition, which appointed Ricardo Anaya as a candidate, they have spent in online polls and propaganda a total of MXN$ 81.8 million. In polls, Anaya's team confesses they paid MXN$ 18.8 million in polls and in online MXN$ 63.8 million more. In three weeks we'll know if the millionaire investment – in addition to the thousands and thousands of spots – was successful in securing Anaya's triumph or if all the money was just wasted.


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