Ana Guevara is accused of extortion

Ana Gabriela Guevara is a retired Olympian and the head of the Conade

Ana Guevara is accused of extortion
This is not the first time Guevara is accused of corruption - Photo: Rafael Vadillo/Imago7
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Ana Gabriela Guevara, the retired Olympian and head of the Conade, has been accused of extortion by company Cocinas Industriales Multifuncionales de Calidad S.A de C.V.

News broke after it was reported that the company had pressed charges against Guevara before the Attorney General’s Office
The company accused Guevara of requesting bribes in exchange for contracts to supply food for athletes and trainers from August 2019 to December 2019. 

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According to investigations, the former athlete allegedly demanded a “downpayment” to directly award the contract to the company, and later, she expected a percentage according to the amount of the contract.
Other accused of corruption at the Conade include Sergio Monroy, Omar Hernández, and Armida Ramírez Corral.
According to federal sources, the lawsuit was filed on May 20 and will be handled by Special Attorney Against Corruption. 

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Who is Ana Guevara?
Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza is a retired track and field athlete and Olympian. She served as a senator between 2012 and 2018.
Guevara was appointed the head of the National Sports Commission (Conade) in December 2019; she has been accused of corruption while in office. 

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