AMLO and Peña vs. market speculators

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AMLO and Peña vs. market speculators
AMLO and Peña have agreed in certain topis – Photo: Courtesy of Presidencia
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AMLO and Peña vs. market speculators

López Obrador's team and Peña Nieto's team gave a big blow to the medicine market speculators in Mexico. We're told that a few days ago, teams from different federal government's offices, especially the Health and Treasury ones, met with other high-ranking officials in the transition team to discuss the issue of the consolidated purchase of medicines. The incoming administration has suggested that these purchases, that allow the whole health sector to purchase medicine in a consolidated way, which makes it possible to obtain lower prices and even impose some conditions to the big laboratories, would be canceled. Nevertheless, they affirm that once Andrés Manuel's team learned about the way this system works, they will recommend that it stays the same. Today is a bad day for market speculators.

Morena and the 1968 movement

With political power in its hands, Morena's bench in Congress is getting ready to vindicate the student's 1968 movement. We're told that Deputy Pablo Gómez, one of the main figures from that time, is about to take the “Student's 1968 movement” to the honor hall in the Chamber of Deputies, 50 years after it shook society and the political system. We're told that Morena's leaders in both chambers have agreed to go to the Zócalo on October 2 and place the flag at half mast. Symbolic acts that haven't been able to take place for 5 decades, thanks to what they call the “obstruction of the PRI regime”, which has collapsed after the July 1st election.

The storm that threatens Congress

A huge problem is coming to San Lázaro. We're told that many tenure, unionized, and trusted employees with over 10 years of labor seniority in Congress, belonged to the PRI bench during past Legislatures. Now, many of those employees, who won't be fired, will have to be reassigned to other benches, for example, to Morena, coordinated by Mario Delgado, and which has over 250 Deputies. Nevertheless, we're told that there are some Morena legislators who don't want to welcome those employees, because they collaborated directly with the PRI during the previous Legislature, and some of them have already started talking about discrimination inside the legislative facility.

Echoes of AMLO inside the Electoral Tribunal
In the Electoral Tribunal, led by Janine Otálora, they have been thinking about when López Obrador said public servants would work 8-hours shifts, including Saturdays. Why did the President elect's words echo? We're told that after the July 1st election, the magistrates and their teams have had long work days to solve the contestations that have been presented before them. For example, they explain, they have to solve the contestation for the confirmation of Congresses in San Luis Potosí, Puebla, Mexico City, Michoacán, and Aguascalientes, before September 16. Surely, the members of the Superior Tribunal won't be able to attend the military parade on Sunday.