AMLO's plan for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The “Fourth Transformation” aims to guarantee peace, tranquility, and security to all Mexicans

AMLO's plan for the Ministry of Internal Affairs
AMLO's security plan couldn't be more different than EPN's – Photo: Pedro Pardo / AFP
English 06/09/2018 16:25 Horacio Jiménez y Alejandra Canchola Mexico City Actualizada 16:42
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The President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is getting ready to announce his proposal to create a super Ministry of International Affairs.

EL UNIVERSAL has a copy of the project, which proposes to eliminate the security structure from the Ministry and create the Federal Public Security, that will focus on intelligence labors and help other offices in the prevention of crime.

The project will be presented to the public by Morena's legislators soon.

The document emphasizes that it is “necessary to create a Ministry of Public Security (SSP), that works independently, and that drive intelligence labors linked to criminal behavior, that help other organisms, and entities in the reconstruction of the Mexican social fabric, and its several and diverse communities”.

It proposes to recover the figure of the Federal Police as a group of administrative and police nature, that collaborates with its technical abilities. Also, it looks to relaunch a national program of social prevent of violence and crime, “which will have to differentiate the main prevention programs and focus them on groups in risky situations, strengthen the abilities of the police corporations”.

It also looks to improve the police officers' socioeconomic conditions, and a better coordination between a security strategy, prevention policies, and justice administration.

Morena predicts the project will be ready before López Obrador takes office on December 1st.

The document details that one of the main purposes of the “Fourth Transformation” is to guarantee peace, tranquility, and security of all Mexicans”.

The projects don't focus on the use of force, “as previous experiences have shown that this won't solve the insecurity problems”, and points out that “violence can't face violence.Legislators said that Olga Sánchez Cordero, the future Ministry of Internal Affairs is working on the project along with experts.


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