Is AMLO about to deliver bad news?

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Is AMLO about to deliver bad news?
AMLO opposed the new airport during his campaign - Photo: Yadin Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL
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Is AMLO about to deliver bad news?

We're told that in the incoming days, the team close to the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will visit the Mexico City's New International Airport (NAIM) in Texcoco, in order to see the progress and the damages in nearby communities. We're told that Mr. Andrés' attendance hasn't been confirmed, as we will be touring the southern part of the country. Nevertheless, they point out that AMLO's team message for the inhabitants is that the President-elect won't decide if the airport is built in Texcoco or in the military airbase in Santa Lucía, and that it'll be decided by the citizens and that he will respect that decision. Is the President-elect getting ready in case the survey is in favor of building the airport in Texcoco and in case he has to break the bad news to those who are against the project and who supported his campaign because they thought he would cancel the project once he took office?

The INE ignored the leak alert

We're told the one who reported the leak of the Voters List had already warned the INE via Twitter, but nobody answered them. They say that the institute's president, Lorenzo Córdova, should ask his team to verify if the areas that manage social media are working properly, as no one mentioned the citizen's warning. They point out that by shaking that area at the INE, they might as well wake up several public servants, that have been on vacations since the election.

The succession to the orange throne

We're told that everything is ready for Dante Delgado, MC's leader, to leave his throne to the former federal deputy, Jorge Álvarez Máynez. They claim Mr. Jorge has the support of the majority of MC's national coordinators, and the support of the Jalisco Governor, Enrique Alfaro. They explain that Álvarez Máynez is young, has a good resume, and politic career, and mostly, has no negative accusations against him. Nevertheless, despite all his attributes, we're told that the most important thing is Mr. Dante's blessing, who, they say, leads and will keep on leading the orange party.

Retirements at the PRD

We're told that things are so bad at the PRD that the party's president, Manuel Granados, has been forced to start a voluntary retirement program for his workers. We're told that the party is facing its worst crisis, after the July 1st election, and that the short-term scenario is not looking good. They explain that the party is facing an economic and political hardship, as their bench at the Senate is all skin and bones, because if any of its members changes to another party, the PRD's parliamentary group will simply disappear for a lack of legislators, as the law demands a certain number of legislators to be able to form a bench and obtain certain benefits. The days when the PRD was in total control of Mexico City and had numerous seats in both chambers are long gone.