Alfredo Martínez opens Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Inspired in the power of women, this fashion designer opened Mexico's most important fashion event

Alfredo Martínez opens Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Mexican fashion designer Alfredo Martínez presented his Autumn collection in Mexico City – Photo: Iván Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexican fashion designer Alfredo Martínez presented today his Autumn collection during the 25th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City.

In this warm morning, Martínez opened the most important fashion event in Mexico. With extraordinary feminine looks and structured silhouettes, the designer took Mexico City in a journey across the landscapes of Zacatecas and Guadalajara.

As tradition dictates, the Angel of Independence served as the stage to showcase the proposal Martínez brings for us this Autumn, which blows in with a gust of nightdresses and garments inspired in the majestic power of women, which are the precursors of what we'll be seeing at the end of this year.

(Autumn collection of Alfredo Martínez – Photo: Iván Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL)

The key pieces of Martínez's collection were shown exceptionally. Velvet combined with abstract prints in hues of ochre, green, black, and burgundy which gave the collection a marked feminine touch, which expounds on the designer's philosophy: “To me, an AM women is a strong and powerful woman,” confessed designer to us a few minutes before the runway.

Asymmetric dresses, structured trousers, and a few winks here and there to Mexican vegetation encompassed this enigmatic collection which strives to empower women and highlight feminine beauty.

Martínez's Autumn is full of turtlenecks, garments which recall the characteristic feminine two-piece suits and misty dresses. His collaboration with Thalatha Jewelry made of his runaway a statement of elegance, sophistication, and of course, femininity.

The runway concluded with an event organized by sports brand Nike to celebrate this fashion week, in which models dressed in footwear and sportsweare of the company ran from the Angel of the Independence to the Monument to the Revolution.

(Photo: Iván Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL)


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