Mexican wins Master Chef Australia

Flor Labana won the competition with Michoacán-style chilaquiles

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English 04/07/2017 19:11 Newsroom Actualizada 19:23
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Demonstrating her culinary heritage, the Mexican Flor Labana, an amateur cook, won the gastronomic contest Master Chef, The Chef's Line, televised by the Australian chain SBS.

Labana, 33, resides in the Wiley Park community, a suburb located in the southeastern part of Sydney, the capital of Australia.

With delicious dishes such as canasta tacos, aguachile with tostadas and cucumber, chilaquiles and, of course, a torta of chilaquiles with egg, Flor Labana conquered the palate of the culinary reality judges The Chef's Line of Master Chef, where she had to compete with the professional chefs of the restaurant El Publico and defeat each one of them in the phases of the program.

Labana is from Mexico City and has lived in Australia for seven years, but her love of cooking and her culture has not diminished, making her a great representative of Mexico and Mexican cuisine in her community.


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