Baby elephant arrives at Puebla

The first African elephant calf was born on May 16 in Africam Safari

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The Africam Safari Wildlife Preservation Park introduced the first male African elephant calf that was born on May 16 after 22 months of gestation, announced Frank Carlos Camacho, director of the Park.

At a press conference he highlighted that this species is one of the most threatened in the world, hence the importance of this event.

He stressed that the African baby elephant is 80 centimeters (31 inches), weighs 110 kilograms (242 pounds) and is in perfect health.

Taken from Facebook - @africamsafari

"This male calf will be part of a worldwide recovery program which seeks to take elephants born in the Africam Safari Park to Africa in protected sites," he said.

Frank Carlos said that five years ago they rescued nine elephants in Namibia, Africa, which were taken to the park where they are currently cared for by veterinarians and a good diet.

"A professional team has managed to keep the herd in the best conditions and favor the reproduction of this species," he said.

During the presentation inside their habitat, the first to come out was the elephant leader, the father, accompanied by the females. After a few minutes of waiting, the baby arrived accompanied by its mother, then all the elephants approached to receive it.

Amy Louise Camacho explained that the baby is taken care of by her mother and another female elephant, and said that it is already swimming using its trunk like a snorkel and entertains itself by playing with branches.

Since the arrival of the baby elephant, a team of experts monitors the herd day and night.

In recent years, the population of African elephants has been heavily threatened, about 33.000 elephants are poached every year. Currently, less than 8% of the African elephants that existed at the beginning of the last century still survive. 


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