Kubrick brought back with choral voices

The concert directed by Gerardo Rábago will be held today at the Lunario

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Director Gerardo Rábago believes that there is an important factor that makes the concert 24 voces x segundo (24 voices per second) special. The concert will be held today at the National Auditorium's Lunario with the participation of the Choir of Mexico.

"All the instruments of the orchestra have as principle to imitate the human voice. A chorus has the magic sound of the human voice that gets mixed and the results are not notes or voices singing, but chords produced by throats, that also hold the word, and in this case, images as well. So it's a very powerful program, very nice and fun, as well as suitable for the whole family. "

The idea of doing something like this came in 2008, when he had the opportunity to participate in the show of Italian director Ennio Morricone, which was presented at the National Auditorium, but it was thanks to the support to development given by Francisco Serrano, director of corporate development of this venue, that this project will become real this Sunday, with the projection of some scenes of films and even some popcorn included.

The director explained that this program has taken more than two months to be put together, time that he considers too much for the preparation of each of the voices that make up the Choir of Mexico, but the arrangements of some songs have needed a little more time.

The selection of the repertoire was not simple either, according to Gerardo Rábago, because there are many songs that are cinema classics that can be adapted to a choral group or that were written for this genre, so they decided to choose those that will carry a dramatic thread which will unify them.

A Space Odyssey (Kubrick, 1968); The Choristers (Barratier, 2004); The Prophecy (Donner, 1976); ¿Qué te ha dado esa mujer? (What has that woman given you?) (Ismael Rodriguez, 1951) and Alexander Nevsky (Eisenstein, 1916), are some of the films that will be presented in this concert.

The reason to include ¿Qué te ha dado esa mujerwas because, during the preparation of an anthology of Mexican choral music, published with the support of the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA), it was one of the most enjoyable findings for Rábago and there is also a movie with that name.

"It is an arrangement of Blas Galindo and its complexity is that it's very long, it lasts 15 minutes, so we have to cut it because it would be a little heavy on this program. The members of the choir are very happy, much of the work of a choral director is how you sell to your group the work you are studying so they do it with enthusiasm and interest, but in this case, I didn't have to sell them anything because they are doing very well", he said.

Rábago left the possibility open of performing other programs with this same concept, but for the moment will focus on this Sunday's to see the results.

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