Chihuahua government fines Los Tigres del Norte for playing drug ballads

For 5 years, it has been prohibited to play songs about drug cartels

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The council of Chihuahua fined the norteño group Los Tigres del Norte with MXN$1 million pesos for performing 2 songs of the genre “narcocorrido” (drug ballad,) prohibited in that city for 5 years.

Last weekend, the famous group played their hit songs “Camelia la tejana” and “Contrabando y traición,” before an audience in the municipality of Santa Rita.

The ban in Chihuahua was put into effect in 2011, in the wake of an incident occurred in the international fair Expongan, where a shooting broke out during a dance of the group Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

A few days after the incident, the then governor, César Duarte, informed that he held a meeting with the coordinator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Congress, Enrique Serrano, in which they revised the alternatives to prevent shows with narcocorridos, and it was agreed to give faculty to the 67 municipalities so that they could deny the permit for dances, concerts or other types of public representations with relation to this genre.

Since then, whoever plays live any song containing an apology for drug trafficking, firearms, drug lords or any other element related to drug dealing is punished by the authorities of the capital.

This is the second time that Los Tigres del Norte are fined for the same reason. In 2012, the mayor of Santa Rita, Marco Adán Quezada, “vetoed” the group and forbid their performance in that municipality; however, said sanction was never implemented.


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