25 | JUN | 2019

Mexico and US alert fentanyl is deadlier than heroin

Ariadna García
Mexico City
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In 2015 the substance killed 33 thousand in the US alone

The governments of Mexico and the United States warned about the rise in the illegal use of fentanyl, a substance deadlier than heroin and which has killed at least 33 thousand people in 2015.

When inaugurating the first National Conference of Forensic Chemistry of Fentanyl, the Ambassador of the United States to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, emphasized that it is time for her country and Mexico to work together in order to make a stand against this threat that is not only killing users, but also police corporations as well as medical and scientific staff that work to stop the flow of this drug.

Jacobson underscored that the governments of the two countries are working jointly to prevent fentanyl from reaching the population.

On the other hand, Alberto Elías, Deputy Attorney of International Matters of the General Attorney's Office (PGR), commented that, in 2017, 4 fentanyl shipments have been confiscated and 16 in total since 2006.



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