Huachicoleros steal cars as well

OPINION: Without vehicles, the stolen gasoline could not reach any point of distribution or illegal sale across Mexico

English 14/05/2017 10:33 Mexico City Newspaper leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 14:02

That the gangs of huachicoleros have become a severe problem for our authorities is an unquestionable fact. However, finding out that these criminals sustain the entirety of their operation in theft is frankly incredible - as well as outrageous - for the long chain of crimes involved and which, apparently, either has not been properly attacked or has the complicity of authority

Today, we are reporting that the pipesuckers use stolen cars and trucks to transfer the gasoline that they illegally extract from the PEMEX pipelines, with which we now know that all the criminal activity of the so-called huachicoleros, which until now was known was limited the theft of fuel - a millionaire crime- is based entirely on theft.

EL UNIVERSAL systematized the official information released by the public security authorities in March and April and cross-referenced it with statistics from Mexico Platform. The information analyzed indicates that pickups recovered in March, during operations in the area of the Red Triangle, were stolen in December; Others were stolen in February and March and recovered in April. In addition, the stolen vehicles have plates from Puebla, Tlaxcala, State of Mexico, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Also, cars of more distant entities like Jalisco, Chihuahua and Baja California were found. It also highlights the presence of vehicles from states where, according to authorities, the theft and sale of fuel are also serious, such as Tamaulipas and Guanajuato.

Naturally, the huachicoleros choose cars of good size, old, with great load capacity, used for the heavy work and all-terrain conditions. Even, the so-called pipesuckers, resort to the theft of larger vehicles, such as passenger cars and mini buses, with which they transfer in a single trip, from 7 thousand to 27 thousand liters of fuel. This includes the theft of heavy and/or light trucks (3.5 to 10 tons) such as tractor-trailer trucks, water pipes, Torton trucks and dump trucks.

Today we know that these criminal groups made the theft of private cars an indispensable part of their modus operandi, since without vehicles, the stolen gasoline could not reach any point of distribution or illegal sale. What is not understood is how, if not thanks to complicity, ineptitude or direct omission by the authorities, these gangs of looters have used this strategy "without leaving any trace."

The authorities already know this way of in which the pipesuckers operate. If, as announced, the government seeks to dismantle these gangs and eradicate the PEMEX pipeline milking, it would do well to attack this other expression of the criminal network.