Newspaper editor murdered in Veracruz

Ricardo Monluí Cabrera led “El Político” and was editor of "Crisol" a politics and society column from "El sol de Córdoba y Xalapa" newspaper

Reporters protest outside the municipal palace in Córdoba, Veracruz, after the murder of Ricardo Monluí, director of “El Político” - Photo: Patricia Morales / EL UNIVERSAL
English 20/03/2017 12:32 Córdoba, Veracruz Edgar Ávila, correspondent Actualizada 17:20
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Journalist, Ricardo Monluí Cabrera was murdered yesterday morning in Yanga, a neighboring municipality of Córdoba, Veracruz. Monluí led local newspaper “El Político”, and editor of Crisol a politics and society column from El sol de Córdoba y Xalapa newspaper, and was shot dead after leaving a restaurant with his family downtown in Yanga municipality. Monluí’s wife remains injured.

He was also president of the Association of Journalists and Graphic Reporters of Córdoba and Region A.C.

On Sunday the Veracruz attorney general's office said it was investigating the murder of the journalist.

Veracruz is the most dangerous state in Mexico for journalists. A total of 122 journalists had been killed in Mexico since 2000, while 20 of them belonged to Veracruz.

At least 17 reporters had been killed for their work since 2010, when former governor of the Institutional Revolutionay Party (PRI), Javier Duarte, took office, while other three reporters remain missing in Veracruz.


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