18 | MAR | 2019
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Uber increases rates to offset effects of gas price hike

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The increase takes effect beginning today and applies to all of its services in Mexico.

In light of the recent gas price hike, Uber Mexico has decided to increase its per kilometer rate for all of its services (uberPOOL, uberX, uberBLACK, uberXL, and uberSUV). The increase takes effect beginning today.

According to company officials, an extensive analysis was performed that took into account several factors in order to ensure its partners' earnings aren't severely affected, while still provoiding an accessible option for users in Mexico.

“Uber works better when it is the best alternative not only for our partners, but for our users as well. We need enough partners to transport our users and enough users to keep our partners moving and receiving competitive earnings. This is why we calculated our increase so that our service is still accessible to millions of users across the country, but at the same time allows our partners to maintain their earnings,” said Francisco Sordo, the General Director of Uber Mexico & Carribeans.  


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